TV Production Hire, Locations in Worcester, Malvern

Are you a TV Production company, looking to location hire in Malvern, Worcester, Cheltenham, Hereford or even Gloucester?

The Marlbank Inn is suited for TV hire, television and corporate space hire. The venue allows for ambient light, rustic settings with an array of different shooting conditions throughout the day. Many TV productions companies are looking for ideal spaces, public houses or even setting up camp to film scenic hills in Worcester, Malvern.

Space for TV Hire & Locations in Worcester 

The Marlbank does allow for large TV and Production TV Trailers to gain access directly to our Field. We can house at least 3 large trailers on our field as well as having space for 60 cars. Broadcast TV crews can enjoy a breakfast; as well as enjoy an outdoor or stay warm indoors BBQ preparations! stay conformable and be fully catered for. Why not book a place with charisma for your next location shoot. 

If you have an enquiry to hire or rent our space for TV production, fully catered for or perhaps you’d like to take on our premises for the uses of Film and Television production, then please email a member of the marketing team today with an outline of what you’d expect from us and the dates of your stay and dining preferences.

We conveniently located near the Three Counties ground with access to the motorways.