The Marlbank is focused on the enjoyment of food, drink and good company. Nestled on the Great Hills of Malvern, Worcestershire. A public house with dining room with an eclectic blend of tradition, great food and modern comforts.

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Renovating a Country Pub & Restaurant in Malvern, Worcestershire, England As we first approached the opportunity, it was over a pint of Guinness. With no thought or idea that this was to become our home. Its always testing trying to revive, revamp or create a new space. The key opportunities were to see what everyone else offered in the area of Malvern. I’m not sugar coat it, It’s pretty simple- we set out to the very best and what we can and be a clear favourite for a cosy place to spend time and relax, a place to bring family and enjoy fairly priced food that is exceptional. Consider it research and development. We spoke and followed around the locals and got a real sense not just on how to make the Marlbank Inn better; but what everyone expected from a proper pub. You can absorb so much information and research; we certainly did not want to do the traditional tweed and 90’s styling. Key to not overdo the ‘whats on trend’ and ‘whats now’. Being current is pressured, its forced and non-consistent. Certain design ages, literature and so forth are in the league of their own; timeless. That’s what hoped for The Marlbank Inn.

“Trying to different yourself, but being modest and protecting the history of the building was the icing for us. Cherry sicking key pieces of furniture and showcases the history0- the right colours and mood lighting to basically insinuate the user experience is really what we hope to achieve.”

“Food is the heartbeat of any dining establishment, so taking it back to short and flavoursome in-house made- especially with our Garden Smokehouse. It’s a mixology of the few things we think; done well that have made us stand apart in Malvern, Worcestershire and even in England as true pub trying to be just that.”- Co-owner, Chef- Amit Panwar, The Marlbank Inn

History of the Marlbank Inn | A Malvern Country Pub circa 1860

Historically the pub has undone two owners in the past 10 years, so we’re the third. We immersed ourselves firstly into the historic significance of the building. With the support of Faith Grenger, Curator of The Malvern Museum we came to know that the public-house had referenced from the Kelly & Co Directory 1860 edition.

The area of Welland is very scenic, infant its a minute drive from the main Wells Road, which is the direct route from Greater Malvern – as if heading towards British Camp & Hereford. Among the most spectacular view in Malvern from any establishment, our ideas and award-winning pedigree for food made it a focal point to become the top pub & restaurant in Malvern.


Behind The Brand | The Marlbank Inn, Malvern, England.

As I co-own a Design Practise in Birmingham, Branding my forte. Budget bearing, we went all in and will continue to replenish and restore the public-house to its former 1860 glory. The food and energy we put into our menu is far beyond what is offered locally, even nationwide with great respect. For a public house, we getting very serious about the details and processes. The Interiors, colours were to reflect the tradition, tonal range from dark green to accents of warm cranberry- their relationship with wood panelled walls, exposed beams in a 2 acre Malvern country setting. The eclectic frames selected to convey the local Historic and provide a real focal point for visitors to The Marlbank, Malvern. Zoning areas to ensure it remained a pub, with charming open fires, snug areas being a focal point. Each corner has its own charm and we basically wanted to bring all of that out. So you felt comfortable to sit around and enjoy some fine wine. Perhaps the occasional cigar with our humidor! 

People think we’re fine gastro pub; hey that’s great, as much as it’s about us, its really about you. So join us and soak up the eclectic interiors, tradition and modern comforts. Its about the fine wines, affordable dining and oak smoked, clay fires and bbq hints feature throughout our menu. Our homemade stocks are a focal core of what we do, that energy and passionate, our very own herb garden rings true through every bite. Each element of plating, the palette and spices and processes are carefully though. Its seasonal, local and food purists will love us! – Alex, Marketing Manager at  The Marlbank Inn, Country pub & Restuarant Malvern, Worcestershire

The design details and touches that enhances a guest’s experience, ist all part and parcel of service. From the moment you approach the building, how it looks outside, what looks tired, how can we make this better.. The odd thing with spaces, is that they do hold a natural- type of energy I’d say. This country pub situated on 2 acres of land, certainly holds that in abundance,.

The core was to replaster the exteriors, the signage and branding is welcoming, it says what we do and what we are. A County Pub with Quality Food in Malvern. We also incorporated the Typeset M, which is featured as a stamp that combines a traditional font that is a true type treatment by an award-winning designer from Internationally recognised Type foundry.

What Makes the Pub Different & Being the Best in Malvern

The Marlbank is a pub with a difference. We’ve been living in Malvern or two years now, believe me, we spoke to many locals not just of our pub, but we hope we’ve struck a cord and have greater appeal for our visitors and Worcestershire, Malvern foodies.

Starting with a newly stripped award-winning kitchen, our food pedigree was and is a driver, producing homemade food from scratch on site. Yes, a general term that is quite honestly frustrating as many establishments in the hospitality and food business cop out and either offer too much on the menu, so surely it can’t all be homemade right?

The seasonal meats and Vegan options are perfectly twinned with our very own herb garden. Braised stocks, slowly cooked Beef, Lamb and marinations that build flavour overnight. Another step to set up apart is the Sunday Lunch. The Marlbank Sunday Lunch offering combines Quail, Baby Chicken, Lamb Rump, Beef Steaks all of which, are either smoked, clay fired or lights turned on Charcoal to help seal in flavour, continuing with basting the meats in garden herbs and homemade butter.

Medly of vegetables, rustic baby potatoes,  Halloumi and vegetable croquet, inspired by Middle Eastern salads, beans are all treated with the same love. The Sunday Lunch is to really set the tone for us, and we knew we had to make it better than ever, every Sunday!

A Rising Star in Malvern, Worcestershire! A Gastro Pub with Great Food & Cask Ales

I know, very optimistic.We’re a keen open house with magnificent views of the Malvern Hills and Beacons- truly the most astonishing views that any retardant or pub can offer. An unpretentious service, it’s more about you than us! All of us, are relentlessly passionate about what we do and its labour of love, consistency is everything and we are here to serve you!

Marlbank Inn has natural charm, quaintly set on 2 acres looking directly toward the cascading view of the Malvern Hills. With a circa 1860 setting, exposed beams, two cosey open fires with romantic snug areas! Our Restaurant menu features seasonal dishes, stocks and pies made from scratch on site. The New Sunday Roast is epic!

We’re more a public house than a restaurant, but we can seat 70 comfortably with ample seating around the bar and romantic snug areas adorn the wood panelled rooms, cosy open fires and outdoor Summer deck! Its baby steps and we are continuing to make improvements to the building and user experience. One day at a time.

Our restaurant and kitchen are open 7 days a week, for walkers, dreamers, the talkers and four-legged friends! We even have a washroom for doggies; if they are heavily covered in mud!