Pandeli, Indian Food, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire.

My father’s career journey began in Delhi’s first-ever Indian restaurant.
Having headed Claridges in Delhi as head Chef, Air India’s Flight kitchen and many reputable 5star hotels in the 70’s era.Today, we’re a family-run kitchen, producing true North Indian food. 

Over two generations, from father to son. I’m the only person he has ever taught.

Top Quality Indian Food | Arguably the Best Indian Restaurant   & Country Pub circa 1860

My name is Amit Panwar of Pandeli. I’m the founder of Pandeli.
Everything we do. Its not a generic process. We try an be very considered with what we do. Its simplicity, refinement has taken years of dedication.
So nothing of my fathers is lost of left to chance. Today, we ensure that the batches we make; our signature sauces and meals are all made by hand. Every detail, every spice blend, every move is as should be.
We take no shortcuts and are proud when we hear the feedback from our Diners.

Behind The Brand | The Marlbank Inn, Malvern, England.

For food purists, Connaught Place, Old Delhi in the 1940 – 1960’s era, was a breeding ground of culinary talent. My father dominated the cookery scene at this period and has worked extensively for large 5 star hotel chains and is a Master in North Indian, Shezani and Moghul cookery. Ancient techniques that have arguably been lost over the generations or misinterpreted. As a handmade, batch made supplier of sauces- we’re looking to redefine Indian food whilst not alienating the best of what Britain has come to love with our food.

You need to see us in action; we’d love to welcome you! Malvern first-ever Tandoori Grill house. Serving proper North Indian food.