Visiting Malvern for the time? Perhaps you need some bite-size info, without the A1 sized maps..

1. Walking the Malvern Hills. Now, this rates very highly on our chart as this landscape is a walkers paradise. The Area of Outstanding Beauty is filled with walks and our pub and restaurant is located in the countryside. If you looking for a cosy pub and warm friendly service- use us to leapfrog you into walks. We have a wealth of knowledge on walks, routes and they are suited for the explorers and more gentle walks. One of these is the British Camp. Situation 1095 above sea level, this offers three direct routes unto the Hills. Highly recommend!

Elgar Routes, Historic Place to Visit & “Banksy”

Elgar routes are

Not quite Banksy, he’s publicist have apparently confirmed that the sketch created, essentially a life-size graffiti portrait, with Elgar holding an Apple iPhone. Make of what you will, some have warmed to this in the local community..

2. Copy from city centre.

Malvern Theatre & Cinema

Pre-theatre drinks and meals are available with lots of great choices. There are always a number of popular shows, the kind you’d expect in Central London. Stagged in an enchanting area with beautiful gardens located in the Greater Malvern.

Chef Steve Rimmer is located at the Mount Pleasant Hotel, Abbey Rd coffee is a great Independently owned coffee house. With amazing and ethically sourced coffee. Very welcoming. The centre of Malvern is steeped in many historians, Monarch visits include Queen Elizabeth and oil course the link to Her Majesty drinking Malvern water.

3. Morgan Cars & Malvern Heritage

Morgan manufacture and showcase a wonderful open day and visits to their factory. For all sports car enthusiasts, its great to see how they have evolved over the years. Such historical significance to the area of Malvern, Worcestershire. There are a wealth of images and archives to view, we’ve heard some amazing things from our guests and recent visitors!

4. Trendy and Independent shops in Malvern & Upton

Such a host of Independent outlets, from second-hand antique stores, to quaint offering to include food, bars, great Victorian tea houses and more. Upton Village in approximately 4.5 miles from the Marlbank Inn. As you leave our car park, turn left down the Marlbank Rd / A4104, turn right not the A4104, then immediately take your first left and continue onto A4104. Follow the rd for another 4 miles and you will arrive at Old Street, Upton Upon Severn, Worcester. If you fancy a nice tea, in a modern Victorian setting- the cream scones and Tea is exceptional at Minnie’s. Enjoy!

5. Eastnoor Castle

6. Land Rover Discovery Days