Q&A in Malvern | The Best Sunday Lunch

Round 1 kicks off as we hit the streets of Malvern, leaving no stone unturned to find out the hot goss, on whats hot and whats, not in Malvern.

The past is a beautiful thing; isn’t it? We know whats trendy without it needing to be pretentious right? Ok, so we’ve hopefully gained your attention. Please, stay with me. Now, we all want a place, a public-house perhaps to feel like; well; I guess just a pub. A pub with great food. Serving locally sourced ingredients, hearty portions that are good value. No microwaves, no brought in Brakes food that is heated and re-heated and splashed with butter and garnish.

Addressing this in the most politically correct manner; we wanted to slightly differentiate ourselves from the crowd. Now, there’s certainly a place for fine dining. Also, for revamped 90’s themes that resemble an Elle Decor edition dated back to 1991. We’re not here to differentiate. Cultured or no culture.A welcoming attitude for everyone is what our ethos is about. Without the trending beards and hipster attitude. A place to drink, with those good friends and engaging conversations. This is what we mean; it really is about you more than it’s about us. The following questions are set out to ensure we deliver.

The Best Sunday Lunch in Malvern, Q&A | Volume 1

Thankfully, if you’re looking for the best Sunday lunch in Malvern, surely we don’t all want fois grass/smoke and mirrors. That certainly is not what we set out to achieve here at the Marlbank. We truly wanted to differentiate ourselves and really, do not feel anyway else, but to publicly broadcast our opinion online. Everything on our menu is delicious, because each part and parcel is so carefully though after.

Its a way for us to engage with you, our customers. Yes, the ones that pay our bills and keep us going. A way to thank you for caring about our little gem, the pub everyone in Malvern, Welland, residents from Hanley Swan and neighbouring areas have come to love. Ready to pour some passion and energy into the place.

Q&A in Malvern | We asked 10 people to include local business what they felt was missing. We asked 5 key questions on what they would like from a pub/restaurant. Without clouding judgement, they unfolded and told the following. They were also kind enough to be listed in the Marlbank Q&A Volume Numero Uno edition! This one focus on food and Sunday Lunch. We’ve used Sunday lunch as a pedestal because we all know, Malvernites and Britain over; love Sunday lunch. You cannot beat a homemade giant Yorkie,  Roast Beef, tender Pork Loin. Our meats are turned over on BBQ, served with homemade 48 hours braised stock; the kind you need to take your shoes off to eat!

Malvern Audience- best pub preferences for Sunday Lunch and what they’re looking for

Thank you who all took part in this!

  1. What are the local offerings with food and Sunday Lunch?
  2. What would you like from your local pub, restaurant?
  3. Is travel a problem?
  4. Sunday Lunch and food options, price vs quality?
  5. Resturant and other amenities you’d like from your local pub?