Are you looking for a Gastropub with Best Food on Offer? You want hearty food, real stocks, hand cut chips, local trimmings in an unpretentious setting! Then we are the one!  


Word forms: plural gastro-pubs
countable noun
A gastro-pub is a pub that serves very good food.
[British Colin Dictionart]

The colin dictionary denotes; a pub that offers very good food in a wider context.

 Menu, Accents & Uniformity.

Our menu holds strong British accents, and we’re proud of being a traditional British pub.  The award-winning accolades and chefs are versed classically in French and European influences.  For us, it’s about doing things right, not overcomplicated things and making it look fancy.

We started with the public-house itself. Sounds easy, but you almost need to take a back seat and aesthetically judge what is our USP prior to considerations of render, interiors, lights and the kitchen. It was to reflect the history of the pub, its significance to the area and Welland. It really is a standalone location, there really are so many lovely things about the Marlbank even in its raw state. Not to push boundaries, cloud the charisma with modern accents- but the brief was to preserve it and enhance the Country Pub to be the very best it can.- Marlbank Inn

Keeping it Simple | Sunday Lunch Menus

There’s not less on the plate, there’s no foam and gelatines. It’s still very much recognisable, its how we feel proper pub food should be. No smoke or mirrors; its homemade food. A few notches in the right direction from what you expect from a superb meal cooked at home. Quite a few! Our passion and energy, our daily pursuits are as close to insanity; or for better-describing words; a well-orchestrated symphony;  named service.

Service for us starts when you enter the door, make a phone call or just ping us. We want to make you sure you know; that it’s really about you more than it’s about us. So why not join us, if you are visiting Malvern and looking for a great pub to dine, soak up some Homemade yorshiore puddings the great food, then book on!

We’re a small quaint pub, so you can count on us to do more! We owe it to you; to do the best we can to keep you coming back! We’re trying to be the best we can and we will continue to grow with your love and support. It really would be great to see you!

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The Marlbank Inn
Marlbank Road
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