North Indian BBQ Night | Welland, Marlbank Inn | Thursday- Sat

Over 50yrs of heritage, two generations of chefs, father and son duo from ] ‘Pandeli’ offer Malvern Hills, Welland visitors; gourmet grade Indian food, street food dishes, non-altered recipes, no commercial pastes, pre- anglicization recipes circa 1885. From our classic Chicken Madras, Famous Makhani sauce to the world-famous White Korma; said to have been served at the inauguration dinner for Shah Jahan and his guests at the Taj Mahal in 1600. The menu is bursting with authenticity and there are some awesome veg, vegan and gluten-free options available. 

The Best Curry Night in Worcester | Malverns First-ever Tandoori BBQ & North Indian Smokehouse!

Smokehouse, grilled meat, fish, freshly seasoned vegetables, spiced offerings correctly balanced is what we’re all about. From time immemorial; the true essence of Indian cuisine has been shared through generations of food lovers. None other than in Delhi. Through Delhi’s rich history, a true gastronomic melting pot of influences, regions and ingredients. We take the best from its history; carefully prepare 24hr marinations to a high restaurant grade quality. 

“From working with my father, I truely respect the tradition and the need and the none need to challenge my own ego. Its a balance to produce a plate and you can’t be taught to have a refined palette. It is difficult to explain; my father and I often sit around the dinner table, playing old Ghazalz reminiscing about his days at Claridge’s, him heading Air Indian’s flight kitchen, days in Connaught Place. What makes flavour; is complicated and yet it can be so simple. We just love food and we want to offer the best at our Indian BBQ Smokehouse.” – Amit Panwar, Pandeli Chef, trained under Head Chef Ram Panwar 2003- current day.

Quality Ingredients & Marinates by Marlbank Inn Kitchen

We value ingredients; that’s why we champion Britain and work with the best local farmers, growers of fresh produce from Worcestershire, Upton and as far as surrounding cities from Tewkesbury, Ledbury. Our spices are selected regionally from India and our supplier; grinds whole spices here in the U.K.  This preserves the complexity and richness of the spice and we allow our tandoori preparations to be cooked on site in the Marlbank Kitchens, marinated for 24 hours a time and roasted to perfection in a traditional Indian, clay fired kiln. The taste profile of meats and vegetable in fact; add a unique richness to a dish. We go all the way to ensure our Curry Night, is the best Curry Night in the whole of Worcestershire!

Marlbank Pub & Restaurant – BBQ & North Indian Corporate Parties, Group Indian Dining in Malvern, Worcestershire 

If you like what you see; why not book a group sitting or discuss a larger event with the team today. Prices start from £18 per head for group BBQ’s abd cover a wide range of dishes. Please email us at: