Southern Malvern Hills, the Best Views | The Top, #No.1 | Marlbank Inn, Welland.

Its pretty obvious, we’re quite blessed situated in the Malvern Hills. Our site is nestled on 2 acres, on the Marlbank Rd. Our public house has been serving customers since 1860. The views are staggering! That why we’ve gained somewhat of a ‘cult’ following! We’re doing everything we can to make it the best there is! We are the third owners over the past decade and we are certainly going to do our very best to make the Marlbank Inn, the best it can ever be!

The Best View of the Malvern Hills, Marlbank Inn.

The Marlbank Road and our venue offer a unique, true entire range view of the Malvern Hills.
That is something to shout about. We think we’re the Top Gun and one of the very best Country pub in England.

Our food is something that is really driving us and of course, our kitchen sets the beat and the rhythm of our service is one that in non-pretentious, courteous and respectful. You come first. Ensuring the other parts match; is a continuous daily process of nurture and persistence.

We’re on a 2 acre site, with breath-taking views of the entire Malvern Hills. Very few, in fact, please correct me; but I don’t think you can beat the view from the Marlbank Road, or our Inn! The village is well known for the Welland Steam Rally that draws a huge crowd, we’re also a short 2- minute drive to the Three Counties ground which is a very popular tourist attraction to the area and accessible from the Marlbank Road.

Welland is a village in the Malvern Hills in the country of Worcestershire, England. We are very close to Greater Malvern, perhaps the closest Touring Van and Camping site to Malvern! It’s a short 5-mile drive; just on at A449 heading from Greater Malvern, merging left on the A448 Upton. Welland is only 15 miles away from Worcester; many visitors that arrive in Malvern may be familiar. It’s on the route towards Upton; again if you’re staying for a weekend, there is lots to see and do in the Malvern Hills, Welland and Upton!

Staying with us | Welland & Upton | Finding your way around Malvern Hills. 

Welland is a crossroads village in south Worcestershire and we are only a 3-minute drive to Three Counties Ground if you are visiting us or Malvern Hills, or looking for a convenient place to stay near the Counties ground.

Upton Upon Severn is locally known as Upton. It’s actually the smallest town in the country, with a neat tidy 2881 resident/occupancy rate. The majestic thing is that toward the crossover, from Castle Morton common- its literally wild country, wide open roads and an amazing openness based on the southern side with a full wide view of the hills.

The English Civil War and the main Battle of Worcester relied on the Bridge at Upton as it was the only crossover point between Worcester and Tewksbury. It was Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers that cross the Severn at Upton to win the Battle!