Looking for a Country Pub near the Malvern Spa?

*AA Guide | Directions to our pub from the Malvern Spa
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We’re only 4 minutes away. 2.2 miles to be exact.
You’ve enjoyed being pampered, you’ve dined and wined- relaxed and settled in the Spa,
are looking for the best restaurant or a true Malvern Country Pub with a great selection of gins, super wines, light snacks, two open fires and great lunch and dinner menu suited for health conscious, and we offer Vegan and Gluten Free ranges.

We’ve got a great connection with the Malvern Retail Park, the Malvern Spa attracts thousands of clients every year. If you are stuck, new to the area and looking for a Country Pub that is not pretentious, a proper public house with affordable menu options and great drinks offers, then visit the Marlbank Inn. We’re set in one if not thee, most prominent location in Malvern. The only flat surfaced area being the Marlbank Rd that has a truly breathtaking view of the entire Malvern Hills and Beacon.

Getting to Marlbank from the Malvern Spa Hotel / Malvern Retail Park

Well look here, you can get us from the Malvern Spa in just under 4 minutes.
Have a snoop around the site, if you’ve made up your mind its all homecooked, quality service and its a true British pub! If you’re after the very best food and a great public house near the Malvern Spa Hotel, then hit the link below for direct directions from your smartphone.

“There is lots on offer in Malvern, it would be a shame not to visit our country pub if you were passing through! The Malvern Spa is very close to us; we’d like to cordially invite any of the customers; either visiting the Spa for a weekend or perhaps just looking for a relaxed evening- in an unpretentious, stylish and slightly eccentric setting. Real people, great food at affordable prices is the motto; coupled with BBQ nights and great ambient music. We look forward to welcoming you soon!” – Alex, Site Manager, Marlbank Inn, Welland.

Hen Party and Food Reservations at Marlbank Resturant & Drinks Offers 

That’s right ladies, after the long hours of being pampered, trying out the selection os saunas and steam rooms, there’s only the other major thing off the list needed. Agreed, a proper pub! Crawl to us, from the Malvern Retail Park; enjoy the evening often with live Music events once per calendar month, sit out in the deck- visit our Country Pub which is only minutes away from the Malvern Spa. We have lots on offer, great selection of wines, Presseco offers and a range of hearty and light dishes. Our award-winning kitchen for groups, hen parties and any other special occasions. We’re a proper pub, The Marlbank Inn can make reservations for large groups; so why not ping us or call us: 01684 310603

Dinner in Malvern & Why you should Visit us!

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