The Marlbank Inn | Restaurant & Country Pub, Malvern, Worcestershire, England

We value ingredients; that’s why we champion Britain and work with the best farmers, growers of fresh produce from Worcestershire, UK. Our spices are directly brought from India and we work collectively with our supplier; who in fact grinds the whole spice here in the U.K.  This preserves the complexity and richness of the spice.

We trust our locally sourced suppliers and the purity of our spices and craftsmen with each batch. Whether we’re producing a slowly braised clay pot stew or a homebaked pie. From dough to showtime, we’re open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner! We also create these signature recipes on site, smartly listed on the Marlbank menu. Amongst British classics, I can assure you that these Indian dishes are the Bible on North Indian cookery. Join us!

Marlbank & Our North Indian Recipes | Best Curry Night | Wednesdays! 

We wouldn’t sell ourselves short. We have lofty aims to re-define true Indian food in Britain. One pantry at a time! We do not purchase from large commercial catering packers. We’re artisanal sauces, North Indian’s finest representatives of true Korma, Kerlan and our *** World famous- The Pandeli Butter Makhani sauce*** 

What is Butter Chicken? What on earth is Makhani? Is Butter Chicken usually sweet? Is butter chicken healthy and low carbs? How on earth can I cook Butter Chicken? It is a very simple and pure dish. The cream is what adds the thickness of the sauce. Before you panic, don’t. You can, of course, substitute the cream for High protein yoghurt.  Carefully considered, you could have a high protein curry. That’s another topic for a very different type of post.

Over time, our family we’re foodies through and through- saddened by the misinterpretation, diluted recipes and what we’re once refined and finely tuned recipes; forever lost. There is nothing that has been adjusted from the days of the Raj. Historically all of our signature range sauces are true to form.


*Connaught Place, Old Delhi 1940’s | Pandeli and North Indian Chef, Ram Panwar.

May father Ram Panwar has mastered Indian cookery. Headed the top 5 star hotels in Delhi and Mumbai-being classically trained since 60’s. From the  Tandoor clay oven to marination, to regional cooking bases. Indian cuisine to this level and sincerity is Arguably equivalent to Michelin style cooking.

“Indian food today does not have the refinement that we were taught. My guru, Shri Mohan Lal was taught by his predecessors in Delhi dating back to 1885. Perhaps earlier; these recipes are untouched from the Times of the British Raj. The cultural heritage and intricacy of this North Indian cookery had already been so refined, from the Mogul period and the kitchens of the Palaces in India.”- Chef, Advisor Ram Krishan Panwar, Marlbank Inn, Pandeli HQ

Today, our family run kitchen at Marlbank in Malvern, Worcestershire. We prepare food daily. Fresh and each demands the oversight of our master chef himself. With a madness for perfection, our menu is full of these classics. There is no shorter way of doing things and we’ve adopted that core philosophy every day. It’s more emotive than it is processed.

We also allow for takeaways but sometimes we are busy; as we’re a pub first. If you cannot find a table, don’t stress it. We always leave the table open for our Malvern walker and walkings!  Why not pop in and wait at the bar!