What is Pandeli & What is North Indian?

Co-owner, Amit Panwar | 1972 Pandeli, North Indian Kitchen

“It doesn’t matter what your cooking, French, Italian, Cantonese or Italian. Its the process we’ve fallen in love with. The Marlbank is so much more than just a common public house. Its not fine dining, it just sounds rtoo pretentious. If you want real food and a relaxing time, then its the Marlbank everyday.  – Amit Panwar, Co-owner, Chef | Marlbank Inn, Malvern, Worcestershire

The buzzing socialites, the lawyers, doctors, middle class and the son in law; we’re all treated to Indian street food at the establishments. Delhi’s first ever was owned by Lamba family, in Connaught Place- Old Delhi. Started back in 1940. It was very popular for Channa and Puri. This is a very streety or streeteary of whatever you want to class it as. My point is that true Indian food is quick, healthy, fresh and vibrant. True Indian food and street food started in India. Not on the streets.

North Indian Curry Night in Malvern, Welland.

The Marlbank Inn has a small cosy section as you enter from our carpark, you’ll notice  a warm open fire and above that is a collection of his certificates, awards and time in the finest Hotels such as Claridges Hotel, Delhi, Viceroy Delhi, Air India Flight Kitchen- along with some fab old school photos. The same goes for Indian food restaurants, cool eateries and the rest. If you are making a Korma- you better hope in hell that it doesn’t contain coconut and raisins. Our recipes are from a classic period, circa 1885 recipes passed down from my father. He was chef on the circuit in Delhi from the 1970’s.

I was taught from him, gruelling as his only disciple or ‘eran’ boy you can call it back in those days. he has passed the torch on, mind you, he is still quite furious and I’d have hated to have worked with him back in his hay day. He will agree; that im no longer the ‘oil rag’ but in fact the mechanic!

Authentic Indian Food vs British Classic Gastropub offerings

I must say, observing him over the years and more so time invested in learning the art of Indian cookery, just his sheer knowledge,  level of intricacy is still truly breathtaking. I often think he should have been honoured or perhaps marketing himself more. So we decided to go XL and try our luck and bottle our family history and a true, Indian gourmet grade sauce;  Pandeli. Pandeli will produce North Indian sauces, named after our surname, Panwar. One of the finest recipes in the whole of Indian is the guarded, ‘Butter Makhani’.  This is not dripping in butter. A chicken tikka masala should not be glutenous but rather, refined and luxurious. Indian food is so great due to the history, the spices and their relationship with one another. It’s not a miss mash of spices and in this goes and then we do this. You need to understand how these all work, in what quantity and timing.

The Marlbank Inn | Dining & Restuarant, Malvern, Worcestershire

The best news is, these recipes are on the Marlbank menu. The Marlbank restaurant is really just an informal dining area, we’relocated in Worcestershire, Malvern. Conveniently located in the catchment areas of Worcester, Hanley Swan, Glocuerst and nestled on a 2-acre site in Malvern, Welland. We’re a public-house first, the menu is 95% British, homemade classics. There is a handful of North Indian dishes are available on order every day to include a sophisticated BBQ circa 1885 Old Delhi recipes. Open for takeaway also.

Getting to our Restuarant & Booka table at the Marlbank!`

Three Counties ground is conveniently located; we’re not far from the British Camp. If your travelling from The Malvern Spa, trying to find our restaurant from the Premier Inn, Malvern; then hit the contact button or call us at the Marlbank. We would recommend calling if you cannot find a table on our website, or don’t stress, as we always have tables in our public house. It’s an informal affair, so why not pop in and have a drink and we will try our very best to get you started.