Marlbank – The Malvern Public House & Restaurant

The Marlbank resembles a gastropub, however where it counts it’s a keen open house with a magnificent kitchen.  Our picturesque public house is located in the posh part of Malvern, in Welland, on 2 acres, nestled on the Great Hills of Malvern, Welland.

The Marlbank is a keen public-house; we pride ourselves on being a true pub. One that is steeped in historical significance not only just to the are of Welland, but Malvern also. We’re not a group chain, the ingredients are seasonal, its all local and we’re against industrialised and commercial food chains.


It’s really a love affair, that started with a long walk, a pint of Guinness and a very enchanting little public house. After realising it was on sale; I was looking for an opportunity locally and found that the pub was on sale. More so; I became relentlessly obsessed with the details. Having come from a Hospitality and Food background, we took it with us to revamp the Marlbank Inn; being a prominent Malvern, Welland Public House. It’s staying that way- with the into of the finest food and fine-tuning the natural beauty and history the Malvern Hills lend. Service is key and our customers keep us going.- Amit Panwar, Chef and Co-owner, Marlbank Inn


We’ve retained much, and restored the image of the public-house, as we’ve uncovered it was a pub dated back circa 1860. The pub has passed through 3 owners over the past ten years. We are the third.

Malvern – A Country Pub in Welland, Worcestershire, England

The Marlbank menu and restaurant focus on British pub classics, hearty dishes, homemade pies from the dough to the stocks. Our kitchen using fermentation techniques, produce the Marlbank Inn’s distinctive and very tell- apart meals from other local offerings.

The Malvern Country Public House 

We set out to be standalone. Staying away from the classic reminiscent county pub themes.. We are a classic British pub with a splash of eccentricity and modern comforts. There are no contemporary or fusion menus; it’s simple and diverse to food lovers and purveyors of fine food and dining.

Great food, with superb starters and its real food. None of this fois grois, there are no gels, gelatine. It’s a public house, in the best setting in Malvern. The Marlbank Inn has gained a cult following over the past years and we’d love to see you and serve you the very finest food, affordable prices and passionate service.