Marlbank Business Brunches & Corporate Room Hire in Malvern

Set in the ideal Malvern Hills, we’re an ideal open space for Business and Corporate venue hire in Welland. The Marlbank attracts and welcomes new thinking businesses and works with local Worcestershire Brand ambassadors and local and National businesses who are looking for a weekend team-building exercise, meetings in a relaxed quaint setting!

Real business is done on the golf course so they say.. Worcester Golf Course is approximately 8 mins from the Marlbank Inn, and we’re a big golfing pub playing all the Sports!

We know businesses thrive and changing perspectives, is a big thing. Team building is just another generic term; but being in the great outdoors in Malvern, with a few key members of staff, or with students- can truly provide oppoirtunity to get away and build genuine connections. Exploring the walks, relaxing and having breakfast, dinner and lunch covered- with all the hightect 7am- noon facilities you need to get the point across. We’d love to talk to you about your team and visisting us. – Alex, Corporate & Team Bookings, Marlbank, Malvern

Marlbank | Are you looking for Business Brunches & Corporate Room Hire in Malvern, Worcester. 

For Conferences, Meetings and Business Room Hire, we offer set business lunches and a traditional setting with an eclectic mix and a truly fantastic kitchen. We’re open from 7:30 am if needed for light breakfast, ideal for morning brunches and morning meeting and networking groups in the Worcester, Malvern area.

If you are apart of a networking group and interested in booking us, please email the team at:

Corporate and Business Team Building, Malvern, Worcester 

As well as rejuvenating team morale, our weekend business breaks can be structured around progress and we’ve become quite popular for Business meetings. For Conferences, Meetings and Business Room Hire, we offer set business lunches and a traditional setting with an eclectic mix and a truly fantastic kitchen.

Connectivity for Business Weekends and Corporate Brunches, Malvern

We have a large LED screen, sectioned off in the public-house, acoustically the sound can be linked to our systems to ensure presentations and business meetings cross over the passion and enthusiasm you need. Without it being to informal, over a light lunch –with our exceptional kitchen at the ready! Business and Corporate lunches start from as little as £15 to include Starters and Mains.

The Marlbank ideally located in Worcester, Malvern and Hereford, 9 miles from the M5 with great connections to Cheltenham and Gloucester. We also host a range of Twin rooms and a camping site; for a truly engaging corporate Weekend break. We are available for business users and can accommodate for large bookings.  If you’d like more information or perhaps you cannot find what you are searching for and you like the sound of us, we’d love to hear from you!

There are a host of event movers and shakers, there are a few select choices. If you like what we have on offer, you’ve heard about our food and relaxed, quaint and slight eccentric setting; then we’d love to work with you! For hosting events, booking a team meeting or enquiring about our facilities.



Connectivity for Business Weekends and Corporate Brunches

We have high industry tech setups, with fast broadband, HDMI and Apple & Windows connectivity with a large LED screen. Professional spaces are dedicated for early morning and late afternoon sessions. Remember though, we’re a public house! We have become quite an attraction due to our location, so if you’re flying through or working in the local area, get that work done and those calls made!  Get inspired make important decisions, be happy nestled on the Malvern Hills!