Malvern’s Best | Locally Sourced Breakfast and the Top Items!

With a sole purpose to differentiate ourselves, we’ve always taken the longest route possible. This level of attention with our sizzler breakfasts really packs a punch, with flavoursome locally sourced bacon and free range eggs cooked to perfection on the daily!

Greasy Spoons, Breakfast Cafes vs Commercial Kitchens!

With an adventurous, award-winning kitchen, we’re sensibly priced. As tweed as that sounds, “award-winning” it’s basically purely descriptive to get across that we care. We have our very own herb garden and utilise and respect each competent that goes into the preparation of your breakfast. If you recall, really think hard about the best breakfast you’ve ever had? Where was it, who were you with? Would you go back for that breakfast? It’s these feelings and emotions that attracted us to really make the Marlbank’s Breakfast offering, a truly epic one!

As a chef, I’ve travelled well enough and understood that respecting ingredients is key. You can’t overcomplicate things; yes you can take chances and it can pay. A traditional English breakfast doesn’t become ideal if it’s laid out on a nice plate. That simply won’t be enough. A fair price, for locally sourced meats and the right variation of bread, beautiful butter and homemade beans is a great starting place. The Bacon in our breakfast is among the very finest, sourced from a small batch pork supplier in Worcestershire. So all these things really make it the very best and top choice in our opinion! – Chef, Louis, Marlbank Inn, Welland


Commercial kitchen or larger chains basically stir up a pre-made sauce and yes it may kind of hit the spot, but a kitchen that is proud of its operation like us, or those Independent businesses will try and go that extra mile. The beauty of an English breakfast is that it is just so simple, there are 5 key ingredients and you cant go too far with it.

The Top Elements included in your Brekasfats! 

> Breakfast Cafe Styled Bacon

> Exquisite Locally Sourced Sausages

> Smoked Breakfast Bagels

> The Top Locally Cured Smoked Salmon Bagels