The Mid- Victorian Militia | British Rifle Volunteer Corps, Marlbank HQ, Worcestershire

The Mid Victorian Militia is a historical re-enactment group which was founded in April 2017 to educate and entertain the public by bringing the Victorian citizen soldier of the 19th Century to life.  With an emphasis on historical research, living history and engaging with the public, MidVic is booked by sponsors all over the country.  Amongst many others, engagements have included the prestigious Wimpole History Festival, the Blue Rodeo Country and Western Festival and Hampton Court Castle.

Marlbank Inn | Society Headquarters for The Mid Victorian Militia, Malvern, England

MidVic is proud to call The Marlbank ‘home’ having held a number of training events in its lovely campsite polishing our performance before public displays.  We have always received a warm welcome and enjoyed the excellent food at ‘base camp’ before the rigours of taking our displays ‘on tour’ round the country.

2019 will see the 160th Anniversary of the creation of the Rifle Volunteer Corps (which went on to become the Territorial Army). It is thus rather fitting to think of our forebears refreshing themselves at The Marlbank all that time ago, after their own drill and practice sessions.


Business Brunches & Corporate Weekends, Worcestershire, England

Set in the ideal Malvern Hills, we’re an ideal open space for Business and Corporate venue hire in Welland. The Marlbank has a true cult following for the right reasons. We offer preferential rates for societies and are an ideal space for hire, touring vans and a large campsite on offer.

We welcome new thinking businesses and works with local Worcestershire companies, local and National businesses for a weekend team-building exercise, Schools, Colleges and recently have been an attraction for the Prestigious Duke of Edinburgh school breaks.

Malvern Weekend Breaks, Camping, Tents & Outdoor BBQ Restaurant 

This grand building in the posh part of Malvern, Welland. We look like a gastropub, but essentially we’re a Country pub placed in the ideal setting on the Southern side of the Malvern hills, that offer breathtaking views.

Affordable, high quality, a local source with our very own herb garden. We prepare Homemade pies, stocks. We offer amazing food, award-winning kitchen accolades, we’re furiously independent and we go all the way with the menu.

Every corner of our country pub retains natural charm with wood panelled walls, exposed beams and two cosy open fires and an unpretentious- welcoming service. The pub itself is traditional yet modern, an eclectic mix of classic with a dash of eccentricity. The public house is really more about you, then it’s about us! We’d love to see you soon.

For enquires and info, weekend breaks and school weekend breaks, why not email or call to speak to a member of the Marketing team, for some super offers that include staying with us and catered meals!