Gastropub with Best Food on Offer, Worcestershire, Malvern, England.


Word forms: plural gastro-pubs
countable noun
A gastro-pub is a pub that serves very good food.
[British Colin Dictionart]

The colin dictionary denotes; a pub that offers very good food in a wider context.

 Menu, Accents & Uniformity.

Our menu holds strong British accents, and we’re proud of being a traditionally British public house; the award-winning accolades and chefs are versed classically in French with exotic seasonal dishes. For us, its about doing things right, not overcomplicated things and making it look fancy.

We started with the public-house itself. Sounds easy, but you almost need to take a back seat and aesthetically judge what is our USP prior to considerations of render, interiors, lights and the kitchen. It was to reflect the history of the pub, its significance to the area and Welland. It really is a standalone location, there really are so many lovely things about the Marlbank even in its raw state. Not to push boundaries, cloud the charisma with modern accents- but the brief was to preserve it and enhance the Country Pub to be the very best it can. – Amit, Chef Owner, Marlbank Inn

Keeping it Simple | Large Serves and Careful Thought

There’s not less on the plate, or we don’t score through a bird and foam and create gelatines. Its still very much recognisable, its how we feel proper pub food should be. No smoke or mirrors; its homemade food. A few notches in the right direction from what you expect from a superb meal cooked at home.

Avoid you scowling to the finest local butchers and growing your own hers, charcoal firing and creating your own 72 hours stock / we thing we have you table covered. Arrive at ease, enjoy yourselves over a few drinks and browse our food menus! We’d like to think we have something for everyone; our a la carte Oak Smoked, Clay fired and Charcoal dishes are pure excellence.

Daily Love, Service & Persistence | The Marlbank Resturant

Something that is very different to any other Gastropub in Worcestershire, Malvern or even what we’ve seen nationwide. We’re in this to win big, were lofty aimed and the passion and energy we put into the daily purist is as close to insanity; or for better-describing words; a well-orchestrated symphony.

The symphony name is service. Service for us starts when you enter the door, make a phone call or just ping us. We want to make you sure you know; that its really about you more than its about us. We mean this and it’s a founding core ethos.

We’re a small quaint pub, so you count more to us. We owe it to you; to do the best we can to keep you coming back! So we ensure that everyone else here, feel this. Feelings are the most important thing to us. We hosting an experience; we’re trying to be the best we can and we will continue to grow with your love and support. It really would be great to see you, till we meet my friends.

History of the Marlbank Inn, Servicing customers since 1860

I met the curator of the Museum, they are very helpful, keen to help me source
images. Marlbank dates back to 1890 in the Kelly & Co Journal as a public house.

Marlbank was the name of a farm, which may still exist as were on 2 acres of land with neighbouring farms. Its very quiet, with short skip into Malvern. The name suggests the immediate area was mainly clay (marl), so the farm was probably pasture land, and therefore animals, rather than arable.

There is a late 19th-century story relating to the new Malvern Harriers racing hares (this explains the name) with one being chased as far as the Marlbank before disappearing.

Another story relates to the nearby racecourse to the west of Welland main road, and again was in use in the 19th century. The racecourse was epic and in 1826 it drew crowds of 1500 people. A tale once told of a gypsy traveller, who falls in love with the Village so much, he flipped a coin and it landed in the Parish. He told his family, that we’re he’d be buried; and he was!

In 1908 Upper Welland started its own air gun club and many its young men would go off to serve in the Great War, some losing their lives


Marlbank | The Finest Views in Malvern, Southern side of the Hills

Are you looking for a Gastropub, or perhaps a place you can visit that is not just for a special occasion, a welcoming boots and dog-friendly public house that is unpretentious and is not overpriced!

Then we’re perfect for you. It’s about a balance for us, with retaining the charm of a public house and merging the Local history of Malvern, Welland and raising the bar on food.

Amit & Ram | Father & Son | Award Winning North Indian Kitchen

An Artisanal sauce range in the making, with eyes on from the top tier luxury retailers; the Marlbank Inn was purchased to create a small, manufacturing unit for Pandeli sauces. An unused barn will create 3,000 bottles per day.

We have an amazing country pub, we cook real food from homemade pies, from the stocks to the dough! Our pub and restaurant is located in Worcestershire, Malvern. In a lovely little town called Welland.


The Marlbank Inn, Welland, Worcestershire | Southern Malvern Hills, the Best Views | The Top, #No.1 

Welland is a village in the Malvern Hills in the country of Worcestershire, England. For victors, its connecting through Malvern, via a short 5-mile drive; just on at A449 heading from Greater Malvern, merging left on the A448 Upton.

Welland is only 15 miles away from Worcester; many visitors that arrive in Malvern may be familiar. It’s on the route towards Upton; again if you’re staying for a weekend there are lots to see and do in Welland and Upton.

Upton Upon Severn is locally known as Upton. It’s actually the smallest town in the country, with a neat tidy 2881 resident/occupancy rate. The majestic thing is that toward the crossover, from Castle Morton common- its literally wild country, wide open roads and an amazing openness base don the southern side with a full wide view of the hills

The English Civil War, and the main Battle of Worcester relied on the Bridge at Upton as it was the only crossover point between Worcester and Tewksbury.
It was Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers that cross the Severn at Upton to win the Battle.

Welland is a crossroads village in south Worcestershire, Malvern. The village is faced towards the Southern end of the Malvern Hills, were our county pub in nestled.


The Best View of the Malvern Hills, Marlbank Inn.

The Marlbank rd, and our venue offer a unique, true entire range view of the HILLS.
That is something to shout about. We think we’re the Top, #No.1, a Very best Country pub in Malvern, Worcestershire due to this view. Ensuring the other parts match; is a continuous daily process of nurture, provenance and persistence.

We’re on a 2 acre site, with breath-taking views of the entire Malvern Hills. Very few, infact please correct me; but I don’t think you can beat the view from the Marlbank Road, or our Inn! The village is well known for the Welland Steam Rally that draws a huge crowd, we’re also a short 2- minute drive to the Three Counties ground which is very popular tourist attraction to the area and the Marlbank Road.