North Indian Restaurant, Curry Night at Marlbank Inn, Malvern

* North Indian items and Curry Night is every Wednesday Night., to include a BBQ main plates and a select number of classic dishes. My father’s journey began in Delhi’s first ever Indian restaurant. Classic recipes that have been forgotten, diluted over the past generations. I started cooking under his supervision later in life.

Today, we’re a passionate family-run kitchen. We make our dishes with love- batch by batch. Through the finest linear lineage. He started as a hotel porter at the age of 15. Worked his way up over 15 years, moving from renowned restaurants in Delhi- the hub of Indian food.

The Marlbank Inn & The Prodigal Son | North Indian

An advert in the Delhi Times. He was one of two chefs selected over 500 chefs.  That’s how we moved here in 1982. The story began. We started to produce sauces for local family members; sharing our love of food with our neighbours and gained a following as the ‘go-to man’ for real Indian food.

We do hold the meanest Curry night going. It makes sense, of course, my father’s career began in Delhi’s first ever Indian restaurant! We have a chic and shabby display in our lovely snug area with all the highlights of his career, with old typeset certificates from the 1970’s and nostalgic images from his adventures. Me being his son and one and only disciple if I dear say; with a very non-egotistical view, I might add!

The Best Indian Food Restaurant in Worcestershire, Malvern Hills 

Why do we think we’re the best. Well, our pedigree and linear lineage is unmatchable. My father, Ram Panwar is a North Indian culinary master. Headed the top 5 star hotels in Delhi, classically trained since mid 70’s. From the  Tandoori clay oven to marination, to regional cooking bases. Dad was selected by the influential Lamba Family- to travel to the UK in 1982- to share the true significance of Indian cuisine, in London’s Gaylord restaurant.

What we call Indian street food these days. Was mastered and pioneered in Delhi’s Connaught Place establishments. I remember sitting and watching my father cook in the late 80’s as a child. My legs dangled in mid-air, on top of a study commercial bench- I eat popadoms, wasn’t allowed to be seen wondering by customers and I marvelled at how ferocious the kitchen was.

“We totally get that its a bold statement, but the majority of restaurants and Indian / Asian food spots are either Pakistani or Bangladeshi owned. So I think for us, that reflects a lot of what goes into a dish. One thing for certain, there’s no grudges or low blows. There are no pastes, to instant pastes, no ready-made commercial pastes in our kitchen. That’s not changing. If you want true North Indian food- then visit us!”  Chef Panwar, North Indian Kitchen – Marlbank Inn 

Why Indian Food needs to be real, not Paste Cooked!

I remember sitting and watching my father cook in the late 80’s as a child.I never knew how much impact this would have on my life. Clearly a considerable amount. If I learnt anything at Art College, it was to cook. I’ve worked under him and been his only true disciple- learning the craft in a very traditional and unconventional way at times. Every time, every phone call, each gets together; over the past 15 years since I began getting serious about the noble art. What you don’t see nowadays, is the correct proportions, the value of the historical significance.

The Marlbank Inn has a history of being run as a public house since the 1860’s. The good news is that we’re here to keep it a classically British Menu. WIth a hint of seasonal and exotic French, European and Eastern flavours. The one and only true Malvern Country Pub, offering a very enhancing, cascading views of the Malvern Hills.

Booking a Table for Malverns Gourmet Curry Night would be advisable!  We only buy local and are usually sold out of items nearer the end of service. If we have some clear notice on guests, it really is very helpful.  Menu items start from as little as £9, £17 for large sharer plates and a very exquisite Clay fired BBQ.

If you’d like more info on our pub, finding us in Malvern or perhaps just visiting to see whats on offer, we’d love to welcome you! Booking a Table on Gourmet Curry Night, then book a table today, reach the team on01684 310603.