Cask Ales and the Perfect Malvern Hills County Pub & Pint!

So we decided to visit Wye Valley. Somewhat of a marketing exercise meets genuine curiosity. How on earth does the beer taste so good in a pub. Why do we prefer a pint in a pub? What makes our face turn after a not so lovely pint. More questions and answers were soon to shed the light.

Wye Valley & Vernon | Grand Tour of the Cask Ales & Beer Makers

4 Simple ingredients go into making the stuff. Hops, Water, Barley and Biocultures. Now plain taking, this really sprawled another 100 channels of consideration, tacts and oversight into actually determining how great a pub is. The Beer dear! Its all about preserving the art. The cellar for one, it must be spotless. So we’ve added in a deep clean of the whole of the cellar. ( I mean, top to bottom cleanse of the space, the floors, the walls – every inch. Biocultures exist and can affect and impair flavour.

Those lines, those popular “cleaning the lines”. Baffling isn;’t it. Well after 5 hours of listening; we understood what it takes to be the best and serve the greatest pint ever. Line cleaning, changing washers, installing the relevant equipment, ensuring barrels are rested and aired- used up within just 3 days! That’s the idea and many pubs can’t promise this. But we’re going to.

A genuine interest to make the pub the very best; starts and ends with the beer. In our case, the food also! Back to the beer; it truly does need to follow very strict guidelines. Anyone that thinks otherwise, or feels its merely a case of “cleaning lines” and loading it up- pulling the lever and hey presto- think again! We’ve taken a lot on board and devised a strategy for the coming year to include weekly line changes and pro rota’d deep cleaning sessions every two weeks in the cellar. Thank you Wye Valley! – Sunny, Operations Manager, Marlbank Inn

Hops from Wye Valley | The Cannabis Family and Wine Makers Grapes!

Winemakers talk grapes, craft beer and brewers talk Hops! Also the very finest Barley. Did you know that Herefordshire, Worvcrstsgure is known to produce the best Barley that the world has to offer! No wonder we’re flocking to the public-house. It’s the ‘standard thing’ to do; visit England and go the English pub. (Also visit the Fish and Chip shop)

Hops are also part of the Cannabis family. It did have a very complex smell. We did hear of someone who tried to smoke this from the Wye Valley Team. They also; did not endorse this kind of thing. Disclaimer.  Other thoughts; a huge thank you to the Wye Valley team!  The art of the perfecting the perfect pint really did help the staff at the Marlbank Inn. Thank you to Cobra awards

Quality Ales, Locally Produced and Served Daily at the Marlbank Inn, Malvern, England

The marque of a proper pub is its beer. We try more than ever, to ensure our endeavours are passed through the lines into your lovely pint! With the floors to the walls, it’s the care attention nd guidance to creating the perfecting pint; that starts fromn when the barrel arrives! To the resting phase, to the corking, to the lines, pipes and temperature odf our celler! Everything counts for us at the Marlbank. Every Cask ale is brought in knowingly to be finished within a crisp, optimum 3 day period. This will ensure the profile of cask ales, beers being 5 days and other refinded beverages- stay purer than pure. Justy how the Brewary would have inteded them to be! Us being an independant pub, perhaps gives us more contril, a bixzarre mix of perfection and trying to grow and do things the right way. We think it matters and you’d certainly be able to tell. Pop in for a pint at the Marlbank Inn today!