Special Sunday Lunch at Marlbank- The Country Pub, Worcester

Our award-winning heritage, integrity for Sunday Lunches is what we’ve stapes as our launchpad to being recognised in the local area of Malvern, Worcestershire. With preparation, our very own herb garden, souring the best produce seasonally combined with raising our flavour profile with the art of smoking, clay firing and BBQ’d Sunday Lunches. Exotic they may seem, but we’re really preserving the art without overwhelming the palette.

Lunch at the Marlbank & Why you should pop in! 

We like to think that being modest and gloating is not for us. The very best of our offerings start with the Sunday Lunch. A Malvern Country Pub that offers more. Historically the pub has undone two owners in the past 10 years, so we’re the third. Exploring or visiting Malvern for the first time?  Join us for a weekend break or pop in for Sunday Lunch! The Marlbank has the most spectacular view in Malvern from any establishment in our eyes. Our customers would agree, its a slice of pure heaven. Our ideas and award-winning pedigree for food have truly made us a focal point and our aim is to become the top pub & restaurant in Malvern.

” We started to consider how and what makes a Sunday Lunch special. Its old memories, sitting with families and really taking the time to create something special. It’s just not the same when its homemade and we’re keeping it all from scratch in our kitchen! The menu is traditionally British with European influences. From the time, we do incorporate bolder Eastern and exotic flavours- but for us, it’s about consistency. Every Sunday!” – Chef / Owner Alex Panwar, Marlbank Inn, Malvern, Worcestershire, England

Homemade Stocks at Marlbank Inn, Malvern, Worcestershire, England

Stocks make a roast and we’re spending our time in the kitchen previously on that as a foundation. The Marlbank kitchen and chefs carry award-winning accolades, and believe me; we’re using every parcel of that experience to ensure our homemade stocks are the very best a Sunday Lunch can deliver. The Marlbank kitchen produces 3 signature stocks on rotation depending on the season and what dishes we are matching the stocks with.

Stock since time immemorial, the two most revered cuisines James Beard, Award- would recite that they are French and Chinese. The later and Eastern mix delivers Fish stocks, Chicken and of course XO sauce. Our Sunday Lunches and classically British, with European influences. Its non-fussy though, it’s proper pub food! Our menu offerings run with accents of fresh herbs, carefully nurtured from our very Own Herb Garden!

All of our meat is locally sourced from two butchers, Ben Creese and Upton Butchers. The quality of our source is exceptional.

Sample menu items included on Sundays are; Pork Tomahawk steak, Beef Fillet, Beef Tomahawk Steak, Slow Roasted Lamb rump, Quails, Whole Chicken, Chicken Wings and other menu items. Lots of these items are first scored over the kiln charcoal, clay firing or oak smoked processes. Once we lock in the flavour by sealing we tend to continue the process with fermentation that dates back to classically French and eastern techniques and processes. Combining this is a balancing act and we’ve thought it out, that why we’re proud to serve it on our menu. Its a labour intensive labour of love and we do it, how we can shine from the competition. We’re mad for it.

Sunday Lunch, Dinner & Visiting us in Welland. 

You’d expect our Sunday roasts to be epic and they really are!
We have a quaint gorgeous public-house, with seating for 70. We’re always very busy so we’d kindly request if you could call us and book early so our kitchen is at the ready for you and your guests.

We’ve tried to be really different in a good way. We’re not pretentious. It’s a pub first. There no 5-course meals, no fine dining here, we think that’s a bit too ‘ tweed’. We serve food cooked from the soul. There are no sau vide machines, no foam no smoke and mirrors. We take serious pride in our kitchen, on a daily basis. As much as it’s about us, its really about you.

Our ethos has been to provide the locals with a truly unique, relaxing and welcoming service. Although we look like a gastropub, deep down we’re truly a public house in every sense of the word, driven by our kitchen. For us, its really about you.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a place to snug and enjoy company or date night? Why not book in sample our menu. It’s more than just a food menu to us. We really pour our soul into each preparation, each careful step.  Our menu is often seasonal as we rely on local supply; so hence our menu is short and concise, our dining room is open to all. We host a range of local and artisan suppliers that are local to the area of Malvern. If you like more info on Vegan & Gluten free options, why not call us today.

Spending time wisely, in an unpretentious and lavishly traditional yet accents modern tones with snug areas, chesterfield sofas and pink velvet sofas! It’s really a cost pub, we have two open fires and a very late license to indulge and sample our menu delights!

Booking a Table | Sunday Lunch in Marlbank Inn

So you like the sound of this, our images and our story. We’d love to invite you in to join us for Sunday Lunch. Simply call us directly to get a prompt reply on 01543. We always leave tables open for walk-ins, so if you cannot find a booking online- then just pop in and head towards the bar. Happy Sunday!