Sunday Roast Like no other! Marlbank- The Country Pub

Are you on the hunt for truly, the most epic Sunday Lunch Worcestershire, Malvern?
Ordering the Beef, Lamb, Pork or Chicken? Absolutely full of flavour, locally sourced Beef is cooked to a rosy medium-rare – first over charcoal, then in the oven. It’s paired with fresh rosemary potatoes and our herb garden, roasted squidgy cooked garlic cloves, carrots, parsnip puree, tender stem broccoli and sweet roasted shallots. Oh and our homemade batter for our Yorkies!

Stocks make a roast, spending our time in the kitchen wisely. Our kitchen produces 3 signature stocks on rotation, depending on the season and local availability.

We totally got it. We needed to absolutely stamp out to win the votes in Malvern. Our menu and dining room is basically a pub. So we knew that homemade was just a term. It had to ring true from every bite. Our herbs come from the garden, it’s local and we’re the only ones we imagine; that make our stocks from scratch. That’s 3 different types of stocks, seasonally change throughout the year. We’re very much a work in progress and the pub was taken over under new managemnt in June 2018. – Jason, Marlbank Marketing Manager  

The Marlbank Inn, Malvern, Welland | Epic Sunday Lunches 

Are you on the hunt for truly, the most epic Sunday Lunch Worcestershire, Malvern?
Nestled on the Great Hills of Malvern, Worcestershire, The Marlbank inn is a public house set on 2 acres, with an exceptional kitchen and modern comforts. Every corner of our country pub retains natural charm with wood panelled walls, exposed beams and two cosey open fires and an unpretentious- welcoming service.

Homemade pies, stocks, careful prep and flavour like no other.  A real Sunday roast in your local pub’ experience. This grand building in the posh part of Malvern, Welland looks like a gastropub, but essentially, a smart public house with superb kitchen.  Traditional yet modern accents of the Marlbank really ring true; once you try the ‘Sunday Lunch. A truly epic Sunday roast.

Sunday Lunches & Group Visits by Marlbank Kitchen

Given its location in Malvern, you’d expect our Sunday roasts to be epic and they really are!
The Marlbank is focused on the enjoyment of food, drink and good company. We have a quaint gorgeous public-house, with seating for 70. We’re always very busy so we’d kindly request if you could call us and book early so our kitchen is at the ready for you and your guests.

We’ve tried to be really different in a good way. We’re not pretentious. It’s a pub first. We serve food cooked from the soul. There is no sau vide, no foam no smoke and mirrors. We take serious pride in our kitchen, on a daily basis. Yes, we’re a work in progress and Rome wasn’t built in a day..

Spending time wisely, in an unpretentious and lavishly traditional yet accents modern tones with snug areas, chesterfield sofas and pink velvet sofas! It’s really a cosy pub, we have two open fires and a very late license to indulge and sample our drinks and top tipples!